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The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.
Don’t settle. -Steve Jobs

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About Me.

My name is Alae Ouardi, I am a MEAN-stack, MERN-stack and Multi-platform mobile applications developer.

I started learning to code in the early 2017 as a hobby and I fall in love with the field, the amazement of how big the field is kept my interest locked within and I kept learning modern front and back web frameworks, with each framework I learnt I created a dummy project to get my hands dirty and to face challenges that make me shake my head.

Before the year ends I started to get offers to work on projects as a freelancer, 2 years later I got my first job as a Front-end & multi-platform mobile apps developer which I still work for until now.

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Below are some of the web, mobile, frameworks ans programming languages that I have/currently work with:

Front-end Development

Angular & ReactJs are my first options when it comes to front-end development, for their quick and efficient, an additional benefit of JSX and Rxjs, flexibility in building blocks, isomorphic JavaScript

Back-end Development

Php/Laravel & NodeJs/ExpressJS are the main back-end frameworks I use for either serving a website or APIs, for me they are the best for back-end development for the unlimited capabilities they give.

Mobile Development

Ionic & Flutter are the best in my opinion, with ionic I use either Cordova Or Capacitor to access the device native capabilities, and with Flutter the UI and performance is the best I have ever seen.


For Php I most of the times use Mysql and for NodeJs the ultimate option is MongoDb.

Version Control

I use Git in my daily basis either with Bitbucket or Github, and the alternative for me is SVM.

Project Management

Project management is essetial and for that reason I always tend to work with Scrum and JIRA as a tool.


Below are some of interesting fields/technologies that I am either learning them in my spare time or making them scheduled.

Licenses & Certifications

Sum of 28 certifications from diffrent MOOC platforms some of which are listed below, for more check my profile on LinkedIn


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